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If you’re an adult with misaligned teeth, metal braces aren’t exactly the ideal solution. They’re impossible to hide, and many people associate them with children, which isn’t the impression you want to give the world, particularly at work! Instead, Dr. Comfort is able to offer treatments designed just for people like you: Invisalign and ClearCorrect. These feature a subtle appearance and are able to correct crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth just as effectively as traditional orthodontics. If you’re ready to finally see a straight smile in the mirror, contact us today.

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Invisalign is the most discreet orthodontic treatment available today. It uses a progressive series of clear plastic aligners to slowly move the teeth into their perfect positions, all while not affecting a person’s appearance day to day. You’ll be able to speak and smile with complete confidence while using Invisalign, and whenever you want to eat or brush your teeth, you can simply take your aligners out until you’re done. In just 12-18 months, your new smile will be ready for the world.

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Clear Correct

ClearCorrect is an aligner system similar to Invisalign, and it offers many of the same advantages compared to traditional braces, namely an unnoticeable appearance and easy removability. The main difference is that ClearCorrect is manufactured exclusively in the United States, meaning it is often a more budget-friendly option. ClearCorrect is also better at fixing certain types of misalignments compared to Invisalign, and we can let you know which aligner treatment would be best for you when you come to see us for a consultation.

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