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Despite their dubious reputation, modern-day root canals are actually NOT the painful procedure you’ve likely heard about in movies and on TV. Rather, this treatment enables Dr. Comfort to stop the worst dental pain as well as save teeth from being extracted! If you have a bad toothache that only seems to be getting worse, then root canal therapy may be the fastest way to get the relief you need. And, with Dr. Comfort, you can trust you’ll have a pain-free experience from start to finish.

Why Choose OC Dental Studio for Root Canal Therapy?

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Why Someone Might Need a Root Canal

At the center of every tooth is a small collection of soft tissue called the dental pulp. In addition to multiple blood vessels, it also contains what is essentially the “nerve” of the tooth. Should the pulp become infected or damaged, this can actually cause the tissue to swell, leading to a lot of pressure and pain within the tooth. Rather than just removing the tooth (which would have been done in the past), Dr. Comfort can simply numb it, remove the pulp, and then clean and fill it. Using the latest techniques and analgesics, most patients report that the treatment is no more painful than getting a small filling, and their dental pain seems to “magically” disappear!

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