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Consider a smile makeover if you are not happy with the appearance of your smile. You may have discussed the need for dental crowns in Santa Ana with a dentist, which has you wondering how long the crown makeover would take to complete.

What are dental crowns?

Dental Crowns in Santa Ana are custom-made to restore or enhance your smile using tooth-colored or porcelain materials. Dental crowns are designed with your specific needs in mind and can make small spaces appear larger, create a stronger smile and improve the aesthetics of your face by improving appearance. Here is a clear idea of what to expect and how to get a dental crown, which typically requires few dentist visits-

Steps For Installing A Dental Crown

Although some dentists can place dental crowns in a single procedure, the process typically needs visits to the dentist’s office. The following is the process of how a dental crown is placed:

  • Review the Treatment Plan

The extent of any damage to a patient’s teeth can be determined by their dentist. The dentist will go with the least invasive dental restoration. So they will choose a dental crown when they discover that a filling or an onlay isn’t cutting it. When a patient’s dental flaws are obvious, dentists only advise getting dental caps.

  • Getting Ready the Tooth

The tooth will first be numbed by the dentist. The dentist will remove the unhealthy dental tissue if the tooth is infected or has decayed. The dentist will file away a thin layer of the enamel after thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the teeth. By doing this, the dentist creates room for the crown, allowing it to fit in between the teeth on each side of the restored tooth.

  • An impression of the prepared tooth is taken

The dentist will use dental putty to prepare the tooth before having the patient bite down on it. He will clean the tooth and apply a temporary crown after making an impression. While the putty dries, a mold of the prepared tooth will be created.

  • Putting The Permanent Crown In Place
  1. The patient’s tooth will be numbed by the dentist.
  2. They will take off the provisional crown.
  3. The prepared tooth will be cleaned and disinfected.
  4. The permanent crown will be applied to the tooth by the dentist to check for proper fit.
  5. When necessary, the dentist will file down or buff the crown to make corrections.

A Few of the Recovery Tips After dental crowns in Santa Ana –

Dietary Changes For Recovery

With a dental crown in Santa Ana, most of the same foods can be consumed although the following precautions are advised for those who have crowns:

  1. Avoid foods that are chewy and sticky, such as caramel. Sticky foods may cause dental restorations to fall out.
  2. Ice and other hard foods should be avoided since they could shatter or chip the crown.

Dental Care

Caring for crowns and natural teeth is crucial for ensuring longevity and lowering harmful microorganisms –

  1. Use a soft toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily.
  2. Use floss to get rid of microorganisms and food fragments stuck between teeth.
  3. See the dental crown dentist in Santa Ana at least twice annually for cleanings and examinations.

Start the Process of Getting a More Attractive Smile

Do not hesitate to call OC Dental in Santa Ana, CA, if you require dental crowns to restore or enhance the appearance of your smile. Any queries or worries you may have regarding crowns or the procedure will be addressed by experienced staff. Our dentist can also provide you with further pointers on how to care for your crowns so they last as long as possible.

Do you require further dental care to better your oral health? Make an appointment with a dental crown dentist in Santa Ana by calling right away.