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Reasons to Have Regular Checkups with Your Dentist in Santa Ana, CA

A man smiling while getting his teeth cleaned.

It’s a good idea to have a dental examination every six months. Individuals who receive frequent dental checkups are less likely to experience a major dental problem that calls for an invasive procedure. It is only one benefit of getting frequent exams. There are plenty of others. A dental visit typically consists of two sections. […]

How to Determine if You’re a Candidate for Dental Implants in Santa Ana

A model of teeth and implants in the hands.

One of the wisest choices you’ll ever make is to use dental implants to replace missing teeth. With amazing results that look and feel real, implants are the next best thing to having healthy, natural teeth. At OC Dental, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, long-lasting restorations by utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies. Before you […]

Understanding Root Canal Therapy: A Guide for Patients in Santa Ana

A doctor writing on paper with an anatomical model of the human body in front.

When infection or decay affects the nerve of a tooth, root canal therapy is required. The pulp is the live tissue inside the tooth and any decay must be removed to save the tooth. The empty area is replaced with specialized, medicated dental materials that give the tooth its full functionality back. A root canal […]

How Invisalign Works To Straighten Your Teeth

A person putting their teeth into an orthodontic appliance.

An Invisalign Dentist in Santa Ana CA can successfully address the majority of dental issues that people experience, including crooked, misaligned, or protruding teeth. As an alternative to metal braces, Invisalign, which mimics the plastic trays used to whiten teeth, is becoming popular. These clear plastic trays are custom-made by an Invisalign Dentist in Santa […]

The Importance Of Regular Dental Check-up In Santa Ana

A man with blue gloves is holding two tooth brushes.

It’s a good idea to have a dental Check-up every six months. People who receive frequent checks are less likely to experience a major dental problem that requires an invasive procedure. That is merely one advantage of obtaining regular checks. There are plenty of others. Benefits of Regular Dental Check-ups Oral Cancer Detection – You […]

Smile with Confidence: The Benefits of Dental Crowns

A woman in an apron smiles for the camera.

Everybody wants to be able to smile with confidence. But with improper dental care, this can be hard to do. Regular brushing and flossing help to keep teeth and gums healthy, and free from plaque and tartar buildup. A good dental care routine will help protect your teeth from decay, cavities, and even periodontal disease. […]

How Invisalign Can Make the Invisible Fix to Your Smile

A woman with red hair is brushing her teeth.

Invisalign is a revolutionary and invisible treatment that makes your teeth look great. The final result of this treatment will be your favorite smile. Invisalign is the invisible straighter for beautiful smiles, as it utilizes a system of clear aligners to correct teeth in a very natural and unobtrusive way. It is an alternative for […]

5 Ways To Care For Your Dentures

A person holding an artificial denture in their hands.

Dental care is extremely important for your dental health. A daily smile routine can help you maintain good oral hygiene, prevent plaque buildup and cavities, and keep your teeth strong. The tooth-colored, ceramic material of your dentures covers the entire surface so that it is microscopically smooth. To keep your gums healthy and the denture […]

How Do Dentures Work? Everything You Need to Know

A woman holding an orange scissor and a model of teeth.

When people are affected by tooth loss, they often turn to their periodontist or dentist for advice to replace missing teeth. One method is the use of dentures. A denture is a removable appliance that serves as a replacement for missing teeth and tissue that has been damaged due to gum disease or tooth loss. […]